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Elixir Maltado is a beer store specialized in a wide variety of craft beers. It's a cozy environment that provides its costumers with the experience of tasting high quality craft beer while sharing their knowledge about the breweing process.

Our team developed the name, logo and identity design, as well as a mural for the store.

Naming, Logo, ID

The Elixir was a substance created by alchemysts during the middle ages for turning metal into gold and healing and streanthening the body. The Malt is essential for good quality beer and it's responsible for its color and flavor. Because of that, the combination of "Elixir" and "Malt" represents the alchemy involved when producing beer, in the search for the perfect potion.

The concept behind the brand is based on the fact that every brewer has a little bit of an alchemyst in them. Because of that, the whole identity was based on alchemy elements.

We were also involved in the architechtural project developed by Sala de Arquitetura with the creation of the mural illustrating the artisanal breweing process with alchemy elements. This project was featured in ARQ.BR magazine.