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In 2016, Unimed Londrina inaugurated its Emergency Care center, which functions 24 hours a day, can care for around 13,000 people a month and was structured to receive its pacients with comfort and safety. The building houses 10 pediatric offices and clinics, as well as 10 beds for hospitalization and obsevation.

Our challenge was to develop a signage and wayginding system that would optimize the flow of pacients and make the hospital's environment more comfortable and pleasant.

Signage, wayfinding

We were in charge of the signage and wayfinding system, while the architecture was developed by Giacomo. The architects analised the environment layout and separated the different areas and activities to ensure the safety of pacients and staff alike.

The wayfinding system strengthens that structure to improve the functionality of each service and their integration to the whole hospital.

The project was executed in three phases:

I - External signage: Using the architecture as a guide, we applied the established visual identity through the hospital's facade.

II - Internal signage: We analised the patient's flow through the environment, and strategicaly defined the locations for the signs and wall decals.

III- Humanized comunication: We created illustrations that would be applied as decals throught the hospital with the goal of humanizind the environment and making it more comfortable.