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Giacomo is an architecture office that operates since 1986 with a focus on corporate and medical environments. In the last 30 years of operation, over 800 projects were developed. Their mission is to create architectural projects with high complexity, high operational performance and quick execution. Our challenge was to modernize the brand while highlighting the company's values through the redesign of their logo, identity design and website.

Rebranding, Id

The old logo didn't clearly present the brand's attributes, as well as have a few readability problems.

We modernized the typography and added a few unique touches to it, bringing more personality to the logo. The essence of the former logo was kept, but it's graphic representation was evolved to something more simple and objective.

In it we use the infinity symbol, which sugests movement and involvement, speaking to the great relationships the team over at Giacomo has with its clients and partners. It also functions as an abstract representation of streets and the urban environment. The two boxes, one empty and one filled in, represent areas already worked on by Giacomo and new possibilities respectively. Together, they show the capability the company has when taking projects of high complexity to a solid resolution, as well as their high performance and agility of execution.